Principles of Organization

While organizing ICCQ, we aim to adhere to the principles of conference organization set by IEEE and ACM. Our primary objective is to achieve the highest possible quality while making the most effective use of resources, including financial, marketing, and human labor.

Over the last few years, we have developed a few fundamental principles that guide the organization of ICCQ going forward each year:

  1. We conduct the conference once a year.

  2. We host ICCQ at Russian universities, trying each year to choose a new host.

  3. We invite a representative from the hosting university to be the Chair of the Program Committee (PC).

  4. We invite two people — one from industry and one from academia — to join the Steering Committee (SC).

  5. We promise our authors at least three reviews for each paper.

  6. We expect scientists to hold their positions on the PC for no more than two consecutive years.

  7. We expect PC members to review at most two papers.

  8. We accept only those papers that have no “reject” or “strong reject” reviews.

  9. We set no limits on the number of accepted papers.

  10. We allow the Chair of the PC to veto any paper accepted by the PC, but no more than 20% of all papers.

  11. We distribute our CFP through the following mailing lists and websites: SEWORLD, TYPES/announce, call4paper.com.

If you have suggestions or complaints about our organizational principles, please don’t hesitate to email: principles@iccq.ru.